Slingofer - Competence


We design and manufacture all Slingofer equipment to meet the specific needs of each individual customer.

La qualità e l’affidabilità dei nostri prodotti è dimostrata dalle 6500 attrezzature per il sollevamento e la movimentazione di carichi e merci presenti in 55 Paesi nel mondo.

How the product is born


We design the equipment after receiving the order and defining the specific needs of the customer.

We pay particular attention to customer requirements and machine safety, a fundamental element for Slingofer products.

After the project phase, our purchasing department searches and buys high quality material, to guarantee the customer the best equipment for his every need.


- Basting
- Welding by certified operators
- Work on operating machines carried out by constantly updated operators

The processes are the heart of the product, made by our highly specialized and qualified operators.

After processing the equipment goes to the assembly phase, where the operators assemble each element that composes them.


The final phase is testing, a fundamental process for Slingofer to ensure customers products of the highest quality.

It is performed by trained and specialized technicians, who through defined procedures verify:

- Proper operation of equipment
- Security
- Quality of the product

High standards of service

Attention to customer needs is one of our strengths. We provide customers with constant support and presence, with personalized services at national and international level.

Our products worldwide!

There are 6500 pieces of equipment currently active worldwide. We are in 55 countries.