Slingofer - Contacts


The Slingofer technical staff is at your disposal for any information or clarification regarding the handling problems of the company.

+(39) 0364 1950420

+(39) 0364 1950420

Customized solutions

The products made in the history of Slingofer are multiple.

We have a deep knowledge of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems and are supported by employees with decades of experience.

We can customize our products according to the needs of each customer and apply electronic transducers of various types, from simple limit switches to level switches, as well as magnetic systems if necessary.

The competence of Slingofer is recognized and confirmed by its numerous lifting calipers active worldwide.

Our agents and distributors

Our distributors and agents are present in 53 countries around the world to help customers choose the Slingofer product that best suits their needs and to more easily manage orders, contacts and constant support in the company.

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