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Attention to customer needs is one of our strengths.

We support our customers both in Italy and abroad and we guarantee constant presence and personalized services in every occasion.

Our services

Our routine and extraordinary support structure on purchased products allows the Slingofer Team to support clients in every phase, from design to use and maintenance of the machinery.
We offer support and constant presence throughout the life of the equipment.
Our technical office is available to assess and meet every client requirement.

The Slingofer support service represents a thorough and efficient structure created for the routine or extraordinary testing of the equipment.
Our Sales and Technical Team is available for any kind of needs, even for customized services.

For us safety is fundamental and must be for our clients as well.
We pay particular attention to the quality of our products, safety and compliance with regulations, to ensure our clients high standards of safe lifting and movement of goods, in any situation.

We assist with the delivery of equipment to the clients’ plants.
Our technicians are available to assemble, install and start the equipment on site,
to avoid errors that can lead to malfunction and damage to the tongs.

In case of failure and after a thorough analysis of the equipment, Slingofer provides support, even with an urgent request.
We put ourselves in the field immediately ensuring delivery in the shortest possible time to avoid the customer production downtime.

The use and maintenance manual is always updated according to the latest reference standards. It contains all the useful information related to maintenance and routine inspection, from the frequency of performance, to the control methodology, to the parts and elements to be checked.

Slingofer guarantees spare parts for all machines built and
is at your disposal
for services and changes to the tongs.
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The Slingofer technical staff is at your disposal for any information or clarification regarding the handling problems of the company.

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