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Electro-mechanical tippers


There are various types of electro-mechanical tippers: the tippers for coils are the most requested, followed by tippers for slabs, for sheet metal packs, for moulds, etc.

OPERATING PRINCIPLE: Tipping movement is electro-mechanical while gripping of the coils takes place using a
specific hydraulic cylinder. –

They can be used independently or they can be designed within a production line, depending on the needs.

Application sectors

Rolling mills
Sheet metal service centres

Ref. tongs already in operation

Fixed tippers: maximum capacity 45 tons*
Aerial tippers: maximum capacity 32 tons
Max temperature 500°C




Moderna e resistente
Questo tipo di attrezzatura è compatta, resistente e all’avanguardia, sia in termini di gestione che di sicurezza.
Due attrezzature in una
Il ribaltatore aereo gestisce in autonomia movimentazione, trasporto, sollevamento e rotazione. Si evita pertanto l’impiego di due attrezzature diverse.

This type of equipment is compact and resistant, both in terms of management and safety.

The aerial tipper automatically manages movement, transport, lifting and rotation. Use of two different types of equipment is therefore avoided.

Servicing and original spare parts

Slingofer guarantees spare parts for all machines built and is at your disposal for revisions and modifications of the tongs.

Guide to purchasing

Our selection guide contains the main questions we ask ourselves and our customers, a guide to find the right product and, at the same time, the answer to their needs, with the certainty of getting a safe product.


We pay particular attention to the periodic inspection and inspection of lifting and handling equipment, at every stage of company and production life.